COHIBA: Blatant infringement of its rights

2010 Jul , 16

It has been seized more than one thousand bottles of rum bearing the famous Cohiba cigar trademark. The Spaniard Police has identified the counterfeited product in Jaen, Madrid, Pamplona, Almería, Córdoba, Murcia, Málaga, Badajoz, Castellón and Toledo. The infringers will be pursued due to an Industrial Property crime.


Corporación Habanos, S.A. has diversified the well known COHIBA brand to alcoholic beverages by developing all over the world the excellent COHIBA cognac throughout a licence trademark agreement with Martell & Co. and the wine COHIBA ATMOSPHERE, with the licensee Bodegas PUJANZA, protected with La Rioja appellation of origin. 


Habanos, S.A will pursue its available legal options to vindicate its right to the well known Cohiba trademark.

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