Limited Edition 2005Edición Limitada 2005Edición Limitada 2005Edición Limitada 2005Edición Limitada 2005Edición Limitada 2005

2005 Jul , 28

EL2005bReceived year after year with great acceptance, the Limited Edition distinguishes itself for the inclusion of sizes which are not part of the usual range of the brand, and is characterized by a special manufacture. The careful selection of a two-year aged wrapper from the upper level of the plant grants it a darker color and turns this product into something unique.

The 2005 Limited Edition is made up by a selection of the most prestigious Habanos brands. This year we have them in: Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and H. Upmann, all carrying a second band that identifies them as usual.

The best-known of all Habanos brands now introduces this splendid 8-9-8-style case comprising 10 units (3-4-3) of Montecristo D. Its dimensions (43 ring gauge and 170 mm long) are equivalent to the factory name Dalia so smokers can be able to feel the natural character of Montecristo, a brand that has proven to be an all-times success.

Such a novel size deserves a great praise. Prior to lighting up one of these little marvels, one would be delighted with the impressive view of the Habanos properly aligned inside the box. Its dimensions (ring gauge 50 and 127 mm long) allow smokers to feel the flavour of its aromatic and well balanced blend. Presented in a semi plain box of 25 units, these little Torpedo-shaped cigars could become one of the most fashionable smoke of the year.

The first showing of this brand within the Limited Editions series is signed by an unexpected new cigar which will be surely appreciated among the most demanding smokers. Always regarded as a light to medium-flavoured smoke, this cigar stands out for its complexity and richness. Presented in an unvarnished slide lid box, measuring 50 Ring gauge and 160 in the length, will certainly become a hit since the very beginning.

Because of its very special features, the Limited Edition 2005 is manufactured in small quantities, which makes it a particularly appreciated pleasure for the most demanding smokers.

These fine pieces of smoke will be available during the summer at the most selected points of sale worldwide.

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