2004 May , 17

Edmundo, New Cigar of Montecristo Brand

For more than thirty years, no new format has been created in its size range, but it was worthwhile waiting. The name EDMUNDO, the main character of the novel after which the brand was named, is chosen for the cigar that Habanos S.A. hopes will shortly play the lead within the brand.

An historical event like this one has been possible due to the effort, dedication and love given by the Cuban agriculture and industry to the creation of a format that faithful consumers of the brand have been long demanding. Its exquisite tobacco blend has been prepared exclusively with selected leaves from Vegas Finas de Primera in the region of Vuelta Abajo in Cuba.

Having received an enthusiastic welcome from the exclusive distributors of Habanos S.A. in all markets, it will be launched gradually at world scale starting May 13, 2004 in Paris, France, cradle of the Count of Montecristo legend.

Montecristo is the best-known Habanos brand in the world and also the bestseller. The origin of its name is to be found in the readings organized for the factory workers of Havana in the last century. Outstanding among these readings because of its acceptance was the novel “The Count of Montecristo”, whose name was finally given to the brand.

The aroma of this firm Habano, perfectly balanced with its characteristic medium to full flavour will arise even greater enthusiasm among the faithful smokers of Montecristo brand. With its traditional and successful blend the cigar is now designed in a heavy ring gauge (52 ring gauge) and a suitable length for today’s rushes (135 mm in the length).

Soon available at the most select points of sales around the world.


Montecristo Edmundo – 135 mm Cepo 52

Edmundo, New Cigar of Montecristo Brand


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