2004 Feb , 26

Royalty in the Iberian Ham

jamon12004As an unavoidable exquisiteness was the Royal Iberian Ham ranked during its presentation and tasting, on Thursday, at El Bucán Restaurant, in the Conventions Palace.

Miguel Ulibarri, Manager of the Consortium of the most emblematic Iberian ham producing companies in Spain, was in charge of the exhibition, where he described the overall elaboration process, from pig raising to ham sorting and its arrival to the Market.

According to experts, the Iberian ham looks like no one else, its shape is elongate and stylised, and its flesh is aromatic; it has a gorgeous look, a colour from rose to purple red. It is finely striped by the acorn fat that gives it a marble-like look and provides it with great juiciness and fine texture.

Among the persons devoted to this product is the Literature Nobel Prize Camilo José Cela, who described it as a relish for the blessed.

Royalty in the Iberian Ham


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