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Humidors Auction 2004

Lot No. I

VI Festival del Habano Humidor SubastaSan Cristóbal de La Habana brand was introduced into the market for the first time on November 16, 1999. In spite of its recent history and due to the importance of its name and the quality of its sizes, both Habanos, SA Corporation and La Corona factory – where it is manufactured- are being especially careful in the preservation of its quality.

The VI Habano Festival is dedicated to this prestigious and recent brand which brings together the tradition of the excellency of habanos and the most precious architectonic

jewels of our colonial patrimony, whose main fortresses have lent their names to its sizes. The habano with its leaves, coming all from Vuelta Abajo, becomes the bearer of a refined light to medium flavour, great aroma, perfect combustion and good draw.

Humidor, totally hand-made in cedar wood, recreating one of the oldest fortresses of the colonial era, the Fortress of San Salvador de la Punta, name of one of the sizes of San Cristóbal de La Habana.

It contains 150 cigars: 20 El Morro, 25 El Príncipe, 20 La Fuerza, 20 La Punta, 20 Rodolfos, 20 Hermoso No. 1, 25 Dalias cortas.

Work of craftsmen Armando Cotarelo Prieto and Neurys Alberto Santana, both members of the Cuban Association of Artists and Artisans.

The work of Armando Cotarelo Prieto was awarded the First Prize at the First Salon of Colonial Art 1995 and the FIART Prize 1997.

Both have their works in private collections in different countries of the world. Their works have been auctioned at the I, II, III, IV and V Habano Festivals.

Lot No.2

VI Festival del Habano Humidor SubastaHoyo de Monterrey, a brand created in 1865, takes its name from the famous inscription on the en trance to the plantation “Hoyo de Monterrey. José Gener, 1860”, one of the great Vegas de Primera in the small town of San Juan y Martínez, located in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo region.

The light flavour of Hoyo de Monterrey’s blend makes it an attractive choice for those who seek a delicate yet aromatic habano that is lighter to the taste but with great elegance.

Humidified case in solid cedar which represents a hot stamped, “Totalmente a mano”, with sculptoric carving bas-relief on the lid, recreating a piece of furniture of colonial style.

Contains 100 cigars, 10 Particulares, 15 Doble Coronas, 20 Epicure No. 1, 20 Le Hoyo du Roi, 20 Le Hoyo du Prince, 15 cigars exclusively made for this occasion with the following sizes: 50 Ring Gauge, Diameter 19.84, Length 184 mm, and 5 boxes: 2 boxes of Hoyo de Monterrey Particulares Edición Limitada, 1 box of Epicure No. 2, 1 box of Le Hoyo de Dieux and I box of Coronas.

Work of the artist Mario Leonardo Alvarez Gittens, graduated from San Alejandro Art School. He has participated in various personal and group exhibitions. His works have been exhibited in all FIART editions. He has been awarded the First Prize and received three mentions in his artistic career. He participated in the auctions of the IV and V Habano Festivals.

Lot No. 3

VI Festival del Habano Humidor SubastaIn the first half of the 19th century in La Habana, Don Jaime Partagás granted his name to a new brand of habanos which did not take long to obtain unique celebrity. The Partagás Royal Tobacco Factory opened its doors at 520 Industria Street in La Habana.

It is one of the best known habano brands in the world, with a special blending of leaves from the best farming zones of Vuelta Abajo and one of the most extense and complete range. AII Partagás sizes are recognized for their aroma and full flavor.

Totally hand made humidor piece of furniture, classical style, recreating a plant of our aroma tic tobacco as a sculptoric carving in its front and lateral sides. This piece of furniture has an exhibition space on the top, 5 drawers and a space with capacity for 8 boxes. It contains 125 cigars, 25 Series D No. 3, 25 Presidentes, 25 Lusitanias, 25 Series D No. 1 and 25 Churchill de Luxe.

Work of artists Marlene Silvera Segura and Moisés González Acosta. Marlene Silvera Segura is a sculptor with 6 years of experience in woodworking. Graduated of San

Alejandro Art School and the Institute of Design. Member of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods. Has presented her works in personal and group exhibitions both in our country and abroad.

Moisés González Acosta, a self-taught artist with 12 years of experience. Member of the Association of Artists and Artisans. He has participated in personal and group exhibitions in Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and Spain.

Both artists participated in the auctions at the III, IV and V Habano Festivals.

Painting donated by the Catalonian artist Vives Fierro.

Lot No. 4

VI Festival del Habano Humidor SubastaThe Montecristo brand, whose name has its origin in the famous character of the novel The Count of Montecristo, is highly recognized among the other habanos brands for its popularity among the most experienced smokers and the great value of its blend. These habanos distinguish themselves for their unmistakable aroma, flavor and strength, which they have maintained throughout the time.

Montecristo is presented in a wide range that satisfies the most exquisite and varied tastes. Its quality, sustained by its blending of leaves from Vuelta Abajo, its medium to full flavor, a distinguished aroma and the intrinsical character of the brand make it worthy of a privileged position among habanos.

Piece in cedar wood describing the volumetric form of a truncated pyramid of triangular base that supports the hot stamped, occupying its space in a three-dimensional form. The isosceles triangle similar to the one described by the crossing swords in the hot-stamped measures one meter on the side of the base, a measure that will describe the diameter of the humidor’s rotating movement on its base. A drawer has been placed on each side of the pyramid.

It contains 100 cigars, 25 Montecristo Edmundos, 25 Montecristo Double Coronas, 25 Montecristo C. 25 Montecristo Robusto.

Work by the outstanding craftsman from Pinar del Río Julio César Garrido Correa, who has participated in several international exhibitions in countries such as Spain, France and Belgium. His works form part of private collections in different countries in the world. He created the Cuaba humidor auctioned at the Millennium Dinner during the I and III Habano Festival. His works were included in the auctions of the I, II, III, IV and V Habano Festivals.

Lot No. 5

VI Festival del Habano Humidor SubastaCohiba is at the apex of the quality pyramid of all habanos. Its distinction and elegance make it worthy of an international prestige it has be en enjoying since it appeared in the market in 1982. At first it was exclusively used as presidential gift to both Cuban and foreign top personalities and as ambassador of the nation because of the message of distinction and quality it transmitted.

Its manufacture is a very special one. Cohiba is made at El Laguito Factory in La Habana. The leaves used are “the selection of the selection” from the 5 finest Vegas de Primera of San Juan y Martínez and San Luis zones, in Vuelta Abajo region and used exclusively for the rolling of its Excellent sizes. Cohiba also has the characteristic of being the only brand in which two out of three types of leaves, the seco and ligero. undergo a third fermentation in barrels. The result of this very special and careful process is the expected one: a habano of unmistakable aroma and flavor to delight the most distinguished and demanding tastes. In fact, Cohiba is the habano that everyone wishes to smoke.

The design of this humidor was conceived following the contemporary concepts of this brand, i.e., the fines, curves and edges of this case express the freshness and modernity of the Cohiba cigar.

The upper part of the humidor has a bronze sculpture of two hands representing the most sensible “instrument” of every cigar roller, as well as a semi-circular blade in silver. the

Cuban tobacco wrapper in copper and silver and the board simulated in marble and silver express the artisan and artistic beauty of the cigar roller’s work. The central part of the humidor. totally in metal, has a silver and bronze se al of the Cohiba cigar that seems to dominate completely the case, creating the sensation of its strength and solidity.

This cedar and mahogany case is designed for storing from 100 to 150 cigars, and its dimension is: 1m x 40cm x 40cm, including the sculpture of approximately 50cm x 50cm.

It contains 150 cigars, 25 Cohiba Siglo VI, 25 Lanceros, 25 Espléndidos, 25 Siglo V, 25 Pirámides and 25 Robusto Especial.

Raúl Valladares Valdés was born in Ciudad de La Habana in 1960. He is a self-taught artist with 8 personal and 60 group exhibitions in Cuba and abroad. Some of his works are in the private collections of distinguished world personalities, including famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg and H.M. the King of Spain.

He was awarded various prizes, such as the Go/d Medal in the humidor line at the XV Havana International Fair (F/HAV’97) and the Picasso Medal, awarded by the UNESCO

National Council. He is a/so well known for the creation of the “Habano Man of the Year” Trophy, founded by Corporación Habanos, SA in /995. Participated in all Habano Festivals collaborating with Habanos, S.A in the auction of its humidors which have be come true works of art.

1960. De formación autodidacta, tiene realizadas 8 exposiciones personales y 60 colectivas en Cuba y en el extranjero. Algunas de sus obras se encuentran dentro de las colecciones privadas de grandes personalidades del mundo, como el famoso director de cine Steven Spielberg y S.M. El Rey de España.

Ha obtenido diversos premios: Medalla de Oro en la línea de humidores en la XV Feria internacional de La Habana (FIAH 97); Medalla Picasso entregada por el consejo Mundial de la UNESCO. Es creador del trofeo Hombre Habano del Año, instituido en 1995 por Habanos S.A. Ha participado en todos los festivales del Habano desde su creación, colaborando con Habanos S.A. en la subasta de los humidores que han llegado a ser verdaderas obras de arte.

Humidors Auction 2004


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