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Humidors Auction 2008

Lot No. 1
Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor

HumidorHmonterrey2008aThis brand – established in 1865 – owes its name to the town of Juan y Martínez, located in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo region.

The smooth flavour of its blend makes it an attractive option for those preferring a milder Habano with a delicate aroma, a great elegance and sophistication.

Features of the item

Combined humidor and table, made in fragrant Cuban cedar, and specially elaborated for the occasion. It features a colonial style reflected in its turned and carved parts and its natural colour, highlighting the iron of the brand with clear definition of its exclusive details.

It has two display panels for the Habanos, two spaces for wine and two for smoker’s accessories, as well as five humidifier drawers. Dimensions: 147 X 76 X 43 cm.

The Humidor contains 300 Habanos

50 Hoyo de Monterrey 109, 50 Epicure Especial, 25 Epicure No. 2, 25 Epicure No.1, 50 Double Coronas, 50 Particulares, 50 Regalos.

Details of the craftsmen

This masterpiece was elaborated by the DECUBA group, with artistic design by Leubis Santos Domínguez and Adalberto González Crespo.

Santos Domínguez is a master craftsman whose creativity and dedication have resulted in special carving and marquetry techniques in wood that consolidate the value of his work. His pieces -18 items -have appeared in 12 international exhibitions, including 9 Habanos’Festivals. A total of 12 personal masterpieces have been acquired by exclusive distributors, Casas del Habano and prominent collectors at international auctions in Cuba, Belgium and Holland.

González Crespo, is craftsman and designer as well as member of the “Aroma y Sabor”group. He is specialized in wood carving. His works have participated in international Habanos-related auctions and have gone on show in 10 festivals, including 9 Habanos’ Festivals.

The combination of the creative talents and working skills of these two innovators has been of much importance to the DECUBA group, especially as regards items for auction and the production of various limited series for Habanos S.A., Caracol, CUBACIGAR BENELUX, and Casa del Habano Partagás, among others.

The works of both artists have been sold via the FCBC since 1998. They are in much demand by collectors and Habanos connoisseurs, reflecting their artistic value and quality.
Along with this lot, there is a beautiful picture created in a perfect combination of photography and engraving, reflecting in harmony the unity between a beautiful woman, the Habanos and Hoyo de Monterrey brand. It shows how intense smoothness can be.

This piece is donated by the Cuban photografer Miguel J. Puldón Villareal and the Cuban artist María Consuelo Mendoza.

María Consuelo Mendoza:

cuadroexposicion2008aGraduated at the Fine Arts School “San Alejandro”She is the drawing teacher of this School and member of UNEAC.

She has taken part – as a jury – in different activities in Cuban Cultura institutions.

Exhibitions: 1994 – 2007

Arte Cuba, Fundation Joseph Camposada, Catalunya, Sala Viña del Mar, Bienal Iberoamericana of Drawing, Chile.
Kuba Kunst Heute Grafic Museum Stifunh, RFA
The Boston Internacional Fine Show, EE.UU.
Arte Cubano Somos el Mundo, Argentina 9th Habanos’Festival, La Habana, Cuba, among others.

Miguel J. Puldón Villareal:

He has more than 25 years of experience as a photographer and has participated in 64 expositions (34 individually and 30 with other photographers). 6 out of the 64 exhibitions have been done in Malasya, Italy and Panama.

Several artists have been inspired in his pictures. One of them is the artist Milton Bernal, who presented a piece showing the image of Compay Segundo, famous Cuban musician. This masterpiece was auctioned in the 7th Habanos’ Festival (2005).

He has participated in different Art Galleries, such as:

Gallery Weil Art in Panama, Fine Arts Museum in Cuba, Convento San Francisco de Asís, Gallery Julio Larramendi, Tobacco Museum, Casa Bolívar, Congreso Palace in Cuba and in different Casas del Habano and hotels in Cuba and other countries.

He has been participating in different activities of Fototeca de Cuba, UNEAC, ACAA, through the Historian Office in Cuba.

Lot No. 2
H. Upmann Humidor

humidorH.Upmann2008aThe H. Upmann brand was founded in 1844 by the bothers Hermann and Augusto Upmann, and from the very beginning it has gained a great international prestige. In 19th century this brand won different gold medals at international trade fairs, which are depicted in all their splendour in the brand’s logo.

With a portfolio that delights all its loyal smokers, H.Upmann is a brand of high prestige and international recognition.

In 2005, Habanos s.a. included it among the global Habanos brands. It enjoys a high market reputation and is well demanded by smokers who prefer light to medium strength Habanos, as Sir Winston, Magnum 46 and Coronas Majors.

In 2008 H. Upmann brand consolidates its position among the Habanos greats with the launching of Magnum 50.

Features of the item

This fine humidor elaborated with cedar wood carefully selected for this occasion, is an English-style piece with Victorian details. Its upper lid depicts the image of the brand carved in alto- and basso-embossing. The front is dominated by a set of four drawers and a showcase of the various lines that make up the humidor. The logo is carved in the glass of the showcase, enhances the brand’s attributes and the complex crafted work performed entirely by hand, composed of details of joinery and carving. Dimensions: 140 x 76 x 56 cms

It contains 300 Habanos

50 Rothschilds Excepcionales, 50 Magnum 50, 50 Magnum 46, 50 Sir Winston, 50 H. Upmann 2, 50 Prominentes.

Details of the craftsmen

This humidor has been elaborated by “JGARRIDOC” group represented by Julio Cesar Garrido Correa, who has participated at various international exhibitions in Spain, France and Belgium. His works can be found among private collections in various parts of the world. They took part in the auctions at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Habanos’ Festivals.

Lot No. 3
Montecristo Humidor

humidormontecristo2008aMontecristo, established in 1935, is one of the most famous habanos brands. Its name comes from the novel ‘The Count of Montecristo’ by Alexandre Dumas.

The Montecristo range satisfies the most demanding smokers’ tastes. Its exquisite blend is created only from selected tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo region, home of the world’s best tobacco. With a medium-strong flavour, its distinctive aroma continues to delight both established connoisseurs and those who enter the Habanos world.

In 2004, Montecristo Edmundo line was launched, achieving resounding success in all markets. At the end of 2006, the Petit Edmundo appeared and, like its big brother, is attracting a growing number of smokers.

In 2007, this legendary brand incorporated the ‘Reserve’ concept, with Habanos specially elaborated with tobacco leaves aged for at least 3 years. The selected size for this “Reserve” was Montecristo No.4, the most popular of all Habanos, to render homage to this great Habano and to all the smokers who enjoy it.

Features of the item

The piece depicts the legend of the Count of Montecristo with a unique design that expresses success and modernity in a nice combination of humidor and table, made of solid Cuban woods: cedar, mahogany, billa and Ebony Carbonero.

The humidor is a fine example of the cabinetmaker’s art, with superb marquetry combining the natural colours of the various woods to achieve a singular aesthetic effect while also clearly conveying the corporate attributes of the brand. It is an exquisite piece of high artistic value and of great collecting interest.

The piece has 4 drawers for loose Habanos, 3 for humidifiers, space for 12 boxes of Habanos, harmoniously integrated with a nice table, designed to keep smoker’s accessories.Dimensions: 167 X 89 X 89 cm.

It contains 300 Habanos

25 Maravillas, 25 Montecristo B, 25 Montecristo A, 25 Montecristo C, 25 Montecristo No.2, 25 Montecristo D, 50 Montecristo 4 Reserva, 25 Petit Edmundo, 25 Edmundo, 50 Montecristo Robustos.

Details of the craftsmen

This humidor was elaborated by the DECUBA group under the artistic direction of Milán Domínguez and Enrique Rosell Morales.

Milán is a member of the Cuban Cultural Assets Fund, founder of the DECUBA craft group specialized in making marquetry humidors, carved for MONTECRISTO and VEGAS ROBAINA brands under Habanos S.A. licence.

A total of 18 pieces have been auctioned at international events. Of particular note are Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Vegas Robaina 10th Anniversary humidors, auctioned at the Gala Nights of the 7th, 8th and 9th Habanos’ Festivals.

His works have been showed in 22 trade fairs and international events. Since 1995, he has worked with Habanos s.a., with exclusive distributors, the “La Casa del Habano” chain of shops, the Ministry of Tourism and foreign firms, on developing new collectable humidors and organizing events relating to tobacco culture.

In partnership with Adalberto González and his “Aroma y Sabor” group, he has developed several special productions for Habanos s.a.; these include the numbered series: Montecristo, Compay Segundo 95, Vegas Robaina Anniversary 83 & 85; the Habanos Collections of: Partagás, Hoyo de Monterrey, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Trinidad; H Upmann, and the Montecristo B humidor (Compay Segundo Centenary). All have produced significant commercial results.

Enrique Rosell Morales, designer and craftsman, specialized in artistic marquetry, is a member of the Cuban Cultural Assets Fund, the Association of Cuban Publicists and the DECUBA craft group.

His works have participated in 4 Habanos-related international auctions and have appeared at 12 trade fairs, including the all Habanos’ Festivals. They are in much demand for their originality, artistic value and quality.

Lot No. 4
Partagás Humidor

HumidorPartaga2008aThe Partagás brand was founded in 1845 and continues to attract a growing number of smokers who prefer its taste and character. All its sizes are distinguished by a rich, intense flavour. It boasts emblematic vitolas of unquestionable international prestige: the classic 8-9-8, the traditional Lusitanias, its attractive Series D No. 4, and its majestic Series P No. 2, among others. Dimensions: 166 x 116 x 58 cm

This humidor contains 300 Habanos:

25 Royales, 50 Salomón No.2, 25 Series A No.1, 25 Series P No. 2, 25 Series C No.1, 25 Series C No.4, 25 Series D No.1, 25 Series D No. 3, 25 Series D No. 4, 50 Partagás 109.

Features of the item

This classic styled humidor has solid and elegant lines according to the character and prestige of the brand. It is totally hand-made in cedar and solid mahogany. Inside and around the Partagás logo, there are 12 trays made of aged cedar, designed for preserving the Habanos. The outer part of the humidor is made of aged mahogany, to give the piece a clearer identity a period furniture.

Details of the craftsmen

The humidor is a creation of the craftsmen Neury Alberto Santana Ges and Armando Cotalero Prieto, Members of the Association of Cuban Craftsmen & Artists. For his artistic work, Armando Cotalero Prieto won the first applied-arts prize at the First Cuban Colonial Art Salon (1995) and the FIART first prize in 1997. Both are members of the Cuban team competing for the UNESCO crafts prize, Latin America & the Caribbean. Their works are to be found in private collections in different parts of the world. Their pieces, made for brands as Trinidad, San Cristóbal de la Habana, Hoyo de Monterrey and Partagás, have been auctioned at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Habanos’ Festivals.

Along with this lot, there is a beautiful picture, painted with a mixed technique including tobacco leaves as a way to show natural contents.

This picture was donated by Rachel Valdés Canejo, student of the second level of the Nacional Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”.

Rachel Valdés Camejo, has been one of the Winners of the Bronze Sculpture’s Contest “Grediaga” and has participated in several collective exhibitions of Creative Paintings.

Lot No. 5
Romeo y Julieta Humidor

HumidorRyJ2008aRomeo y Julieta, one of the most prestigious habanos brands. It takes its name from the Spanish version of the Shakespeare play. The brand was established in 1875 and it has always enjoyed a great prestige worldwide. Romeo y Julieta brand offers one of the widest ranges of sizes among the Habano brands.

It has a balanced and aromatic blend of selected tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region which makes Romeo y Julieta a medium-flavour brand.

Features of the item

The design of the humidor centers its story on the conflict between the two families, passion and hatred, but through it all a message of love that emerges beyond the contradictions of both life and death.

A fine piece -with majestic aesthetics -rises in a slender form, softening its rounded sides with a solid base and at the top, two silver and bronze sculptures depicting a cockfight, traditional Cuban elements symbolizing the rivalry between the Montagues and Capulets

Apart from the decoration in metal, the piece has marquetry work specially designed for this humidor.

The lower front of the humidor displays a representation of the story of Romeo and Juliet up to its ending.The work is complemented by a table decorated specially for the occasion.

Humidor dimensions: 97 x 100 x 35 cm. Table dimensions: 74 x 110 x 46 cm

It contains 300 Habanos

25 Churchills, 25 Short Churchills, 50 Romeo, 25 Exhibición No.2, 25 Hermosos No. 3, 50 Escudos, 25 Hermosos No. 2, 25 Fabulosos No. 6, 50 Petit Pirámides.

Details of the craftsman

José Ernesto Aguilera Reina is self-taught Cuban craftsman, designer and goldsmith. He has wide experience recognized and the basis of awards at various trade fairs and personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba and abroad.

His works decorate and embellish several salons, libraries, restaurants and murals in Havana hotels. In 1995, he was awarded the title of Master Craftsman by Cuba’s Ministry of Construction.

His works have been sold in various art galleries since 1994, including two exports of humidors to France, as well as Italy, the USA, Russia, Germany, Mexico and the UK.

  • Auction, 7th Habanos’ Festival (Punch 2005)
  • Auction, 8th Habanos’Festival (Montecristo 2006)
  • Donation, Quixote painting for the auction at the 8th Habanos’Festival.
  • Restoration of Guayasamín humidors.
  • Replica of early H.Upman Humidor (Special Series 2006).
  • Auction, 9th Habanos’Festival. (Montecristo 2007).
  • Replica of an antique Partagas humidor (Special Series 2007)
Lot No. 6
Cohiba Humidor

humidorCohiba2008aThe name ‘Cohiba’ was suggested by Celia Sánchez in 1966, and rapidly acquired fame since the time of its registration. When it appeared in the international markets, it was already the most celebrated of all the Habanos.

It is the Habanos brand with the greatest prestige and elitism in the tobacco industry worldwide. ‘Cohiba’ is an ancient Taino word denoting the ‘roll’ of tobacco leaves smoked by that people.

For many years, the brand was reserved exclusively for official gifts to figures of government, Cuban and foreign, until 1982, when it began to be sold in international markets. It is elaborated in the legendary El Laguito factory in Havana. The tobacco leaves employed for Cohiba are the selection of those selected from the best growing areas of San Juan y Martínez and San Luis, in Pinar del Rio’s Vuelta Abajo region.

Cohiba is the only Habano in which 2 out of the 3 types of leaves used in its tripa (the heart of the cigar) – seco and ligero-undergo a third fermentation in barrels. This special process results in an aroma and a flavour which are unique to this brand.

In 2007, Habanos s.a. launched a new line under this exclusive brand: the Cohiba Maduro 5 which, keeping the brand’s traditional flavour, gives it a distinctive nuance with a wrapper aged for five years, through entirely natural methods.

Features of the item

This Cohiba humidor is a unique piece that clearly reflects the exclusive nature and the modernity of the brand. Based on this spirit, the humidor blends wenge wood, steel and bronze to achieve a cubic shape whose volume expresses harmony and minimalist beauty. Its interior, comprising four independent cedar wood compartments, is accessed by means of an original system of opening. The trays containing the Cohiba habanos are glass lidded, perfectly humidified and easy to pull out. Dimensions: 61,5 x 61,5 x 61,5 cm.

The humidor contains 400 Habanos

50 Genios, 50 Gran Corona, 50 Espléndidos, 50 Pirámides, 50 Lanceros, 50 Sublimes, 50 Robusto Especial, 50 Siglo VI.

Details of manufacture

This extraordinary piece has been produced by HUMIDIF, a Spanish craft firm with extensive experience of manufacturing humidors, ironwork and smokers’ articles and accessories, under the supervision of Mr Diego Barrero and Mr Pedro Balgañón.

Lot No. 7
’10th Anniversary of Habanos Festivals” Humidor

humidorXFestival2008aThis humidor is a craft work of great value inspired on the 10 years of the Habanos’ Festivals. It contains a compendium of the main brands and sizes of the regular portfolio and on the specialities of Habanos.

Features of the item

It has a contemporary design; elegant, with simple lines that blend rectangular planes and complex structures to achieve an exclusive and refined visual composition. Its detailed marquetry gives an impression of innovation, reflecting a combination of classical and modern elements to create a fresh and exquisite image.

The panels of precious woods and the marquetry combined with natural, black, red and light-coloured textures enliven its strength as a setting for the Habano, making it a unique collector’s item marked by the beauty of decorative and aesthetic elements, conceived in honour of the 10th anniversary of Habanos’ Festivals. Dimensions: 200 x 60 x 60 cm.

It contains 700 habanos

Cohiba 10 Genios, 10 Gran Corona, 10 Esplendidos, 10 Pirámides, 10 Lanceros, 10 Sublimes, 10 Robusto Especial, 10 Siglo VI.
Montecristo 10 Maravillas 10 Montecristo B ,10 Montecristo A, 10 Montecristo C, 10 Montecristo No. 2, 10 Montecristo D, 10 Montecristo no.4, 10 Petit Edmundo, 10 Edmundo, 10 Robustos.
Partagás 10 Royales, 10 Salón no. 2, 10 Serie A No.1, 10 Serie P No. 2, 10 Serie C No. 1, 10 Serie C No.4, 10 Serie D No. 1, 10 Serie D No.3, 10 Serie D No.4, 10 Partagas 109.
Romeo y Julieta 10 Churchills, 10 Short Churchills, 10 Romeos, 10 Exhibición No.2, 10 Hermosos No.3, 10 Escudos, 10 Hermosos No.2, 10 Fabulosos N o. 6, 10 Petit Pirámides.
Hoyo de Monterrey 50 Hoyo de Monterrey 109, 10 Epicure Especial, 10 Epicure No. 2, 10 Epicure No.1, 10 Double Coronas, 10 Particulares, 10 Regalos.
H. Upmann 10 Rothschilds Excepcionales, 10 Magnum 50, 10 Magnum 46, 10 Sir Winston, 10 H. Upmann No.2, 10 Prominentes.
Punch 10 Super Selection No.1, 10 churchills, 10 Double coronas, 10 Punch Punch.
Bolivar 10 Royal Coronas, 10 Coronas Gigantes, 10 Belicosos Finos, 10 Inmensas.
Trinidad 10 Robusto Extra, 10 Fundadores, 10 Coloniales, 10 Ingenios.
Cuaba 10 Salomón, 10 Distinguidos, 10 Exclusivos, 10 Diademas.
San Cristobal de La Habana 10 Muralla, 10 Mercaderes, 10 El Morro, 10 La Fuerza.

Details of the craftsmen

It has been elaborated under the artistic direction and work of Adalberto González Albisa and Milán Domínguez.

Adalberto is a member of the Cuban Cultural Assets Fund. He is a founder of the “Aroma y Sabor” craft group, specialized in hand-made humidors for MONTECRISTO and VEGAS ROBAINA brands under Habanos s.a. licence. A total of 16 personal works have participated in international auctions, including the Hoyo de Monterrey and Vegas Robaina humidors auctioned at the gala dinners at the 4thand 9thHabanos’ Festival. He has exhibited works at 16 international events. His works have appeared at 18 trade fairs and international events.

Working with Milán Domínguez and his “DECUBA” group, he has undertaken several special commissions for Habanos S.A., including the numbered series: Montecristo Humidor, Compay Segundo 95, Vegas Robaina Anniversary 83 & 85; the Habanos collections of: Partagás, Hoyo de Monterrey, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Trinidad; H Upmann, and Montecristo B (Compay Segundo’s Centenary), among others. All these humidors have produced important commercial results.

Milán is founder of the DECUBA craft group specializing in making and selling humidors for MONTECRISTO and VEGAS ROBAINA brands under Habanos S.A. licence.

A total of 18 personal works have been auctioned at international events. Of particular note are Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Vegas Robaina 10th Anniversary humidors, auctioned at the Gala Nights of the 7th, 8th and 9th Habanos’ Festivals. His works have appeared at 22 trade fairs and international events. Since 1995, he has worked with Habanos s.a., with exclusive distributors and the “La Casa del Habano” chain of shops, the Ministry of Tourism and foreign firms, on developing new collectable humidors and organizing events relating to tobacco culture.

cuadrodelche2008aAlong with this lot, there is a beautiful picture, donated by the cuban artist Milton Bernal Castro, specially for this Festival. It is really a masterpiece in oil on paper and encrusted with natural tobacco leaves. The piece shows Che Guevara smoking a Habano. This picture is part of a 10 pieces series, organized by the Cuban embassy and exhibited during October 2007 in Vienna, Austria.

Milton Bernal Castro:

Graduated in the Comunication School of Havana University.
Graduated in the Industrial Design High School, Cuba.
Master in Social Communication.
Member of the Development Center of Visual Arts.
Member of the Nacional Asociation of Cuban Publishers and Designers.
Miembro of the Nacional Federation of Artes Plásticas, Barcelona, Spain.
Two of the masterpieces of Milton Bernal have been selected and signed by President Fidel Castro and were auctioned at the 7th and 8th Habanos’ Festivals. All collected funds during these auctions are donated to the Cuban Public Health System.

He has participated with his pieces in more than 30 exhibitions all over the world (Spain, France and Austria).

Humidors Auction 2008


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