5th Anniversary Friends of Partagás in Italy

2010 May , 13

For the first time, a Habanos event will involved a whole Italian city.


From June 25th to 27th, 2010, the Habanos will become the main star of an event concerning the Habanos culture, gastronomy and wines and the traditional culture in which the city of Matelica and its territory will be involved.

Matelica’s Cigar Club “Don Alejandro Robaina”, in collaboration with the Marche region, the Town Hall of Matelica, the Entity of the Tourism of Cuba (just to mention some of the major sponsors of the event) wanted, on the occasion of the celebration of the “5th Anniversary Friends of Partagás in Italy”, to organize a different activity, an event which highlights the cultural link of the best Habanos tradition, a flagship product of Cuba, with our land and takes this opportunity to pay homage to the figure of the late Don Alejandro Robaina, who gives the ownership to the organizing Club of the event.

For further information see DIADEMA S.P.A. web site, exclusive distributor of Habanos, S.A. for Italy, Vaticano and St. Marino.

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