Brand diversification

Brand diversification

The most recognized Habanos brands go beyond premium cigars, expanding and diversifying into other concepts and products other than Habanos, but sharing the same philosophy: passion for exquisiteness, tradition and dedication to the detail to the delight of Habano lovers and its valuable brands.


With a long history in the development and commercialization of accessories for the smoker with the Habanos brands, it offers quality articles and innovative designs not only for the enthusiasts of the considered world’s best tobacco, but also of all the ritual that surrounds the Habanos world.

Zenith Watches

Swiss manufacturer of mechanical watches for over 150 years, of which the El Primero movement is a historical legend, produces timeless and elegant mechanical watches. The passion for exquisiteness, the careful quality in detail, and of course, the value of “time”,  what motivates Zenith and Habanos, S.A. to establish an alliance that began to pay tribute to Cohiba, the most exclusive Habanos brand , on its 50th anniversary and which has remained with Habanos, expanding to other valuable brands such as Trinidad and Romeo y Julieta.

S.T. Dupont

A french company, where timeless tradition and excellence in technique combine to create superbly tobacco accessories made and designed for the real connoisseur. After an earlier collaboration in 2003, S.T. Dupont is proud to create two collections crafted to pay tribute to Cohiba brand with its Linea Behike, inspiring to the real Premium Cigars amateurs.


Founded back in 1715, Martell has been based on the independence and inspiration. A passion for great quality that allows Martell to offer unique cognacs with an elegant character. Representing Martell’s values, is made with a unique blend of the best spirits from the famous “Grande Champgne” vineyards, and has been aged between 40 and 50 years in oak barrels.

Mille Centum

It was born from an idea, from an endless desire, defying trends and time limits to bring these same values to its fragrances. With the challenge of creating three fragrances for the brand, Montecristo Deleggend, the classic and luxurious feel into the signature fragrance was incorporated. Inspired by the different phases of the Count of Montecristo, they resulted Montecristo Deleggend Blanc, with its light and cheerful freshness and Montecristo Deleggend Noir, with its rich and satisfying musky aroma with an air of masculinity.

Premium Fincas

For more than a century, the founding families of Premium Fincas taking care for the land and its vineyards, producing quality wines in the best appellations in Spain. Inspired by the love of the land, its people and traditions, the Premium wine Cohiba Atmosphere arises, made under the oldest and most prestigious P.A.O. in Spain “La Rioja”, following the family tradition of the historic Marqués de Tomares winery, to merge two similar worlds in essence.

Cigar Sanctum

It produces totally handmade, contemporary and intensely personal jewelery, specially designed for the smoker and premium cigars enthusiasts. Partagás was a strong inspiration to create a collection that would entertain the most passionate of the legendary Habanos brand.


Producer of the best Cuban coffees, it was inspired by the legendary ritual of mixing a Habano with an excellent cup of coffee, thus creating Gourmet 100% Arabica coffees: Cohiba Atmosphere, made through a completely artisanal process, grown in a unique spot, ” El Nicho ”, Sierra del Escambray, Natural Reserve of the Biosphere and Montecristo Deleggend, cultivated in“ Alto la Meseta ”in one of the main agroecological areas of the Sierra Maestra that boasts a completely balanced, natural ecosystem and a centuries-old tradition in cultivation and coffee benefit.


Inspired by the guayabera, Cuba’s flagship garment, associated with great celebrations and protocol events, it has been dedicated to the production of said garment since 1999. The Cohiba Atmosphere guayabera is distinguished by its excellent design, cut and fabric. It always renewed and modern, without losing its classic essence, it ventures into new designs to enhance the brand it holds.

Suchel Camacho

A Cuban-Spanish joint venture company, which produces and markets cosmetics, perfumery products, including personal care and health products. It is inspired by the Habanos Romeo y Julieta y Vegueros brands to create unique fragrances that identify the essence of these brands.


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