2002 May , 25

Limited Edition 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001

During the month of May 2002 the so waited Limited Edition 2001 is arriving to different markets.

The Limited Edition is characterized by cigars that don’t exist in the habitual range of the brand, and in addition to the special care in their elaboration, as a more distinct feature, incorporate a very careful selection of a two years aged wrapper, thus giving it a more pronounced colour than the usual wrappers of Habanos.

As can be seen in the attached photograph, the Limited Edition 2001 is composed by a selection of the most prestigious brands of Habanos: Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás and Hoyo de Monterrey. Likewise there has been a representation of Vegas Robaina, especially made for the Gala Dinner of the recently finalized Habano Festival and will not be available in any market.
The Limited Edition 2001 is characterized on this occasion by consisting of some really reduced quantities, within the line of Habanos S.A. to facilitate very exclusive products for the most demanding smokers.

Vegas Robaina. Prominente


The prominent of Vegas Robaina has only been produced in 800 units that were distributed during the Gala Dinner of the 4th Habanos Festival celebrated in Havana, in which the 5th anniversary of that brand was commemorated.

This format will not be found in any market as it was only produced for that dinner and in those quantities, delivered to those present, and for those reasons it is not available for sale.

Cohíba. Pirámide


The Cohiba Pirámide, like the rest of the Habanos mentioned after, will be available on the markets, but with a very reduced production. This format, that normally does not exist in the Cohiba range, is very appreciated by Habanos smokers.

Montecristo. Doble Corona


The Montecristo prominente is presented in very limited quantities. Smokers of Montecristo that have access to some cigar from this Limited Edition will be able to enjoy all the essence and aroma of this brand, all a reference in the Habanos.

Romeo y Julieta. Robusto


The Limited Edition of Romeo y Julieta presents a Robusto. This cigar liberates all the classic aroma and equilibrium of the brand.

Partagás. Serie D No3


This is a re-edition of a historical cigar that existed in the brand. This Habano, like a good Partagás, is always characterized by the strength and consistency of its tobacco blend.

Hoyo de Monterrey. Particulares


All the equilibrium and soft essence of Hoyo de Monterrey is presented in this Habano of which a small quantity of units only has been produced, for the lovers of exclusivity.

Only in the most specialized and select sale points will smokers be able to find representation of the Limited Edition 2001, which promises to satisfy lovers of the most exclusive Habanos.

Limited Edition 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001Edición Limitada 2001


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