Vegas Robaina CaseEstuche Vegas Robaina Estuche Vegas RobainaEstuche Vegas RobainaEstuche Vegas RobainaEstuche Vegas Robaina

2003 Jul , 28

VegaRobainacase22003The Vegas Robaina Case contains 100 Habanos belonging to the sizes Don Alejandro, Clásicos, Famosos y Únicos. Also includes 20 Habanos of the Gordito size (141 mm in the lenght & 50 ring gauge) a non-commercial vitola specially conceived for this case.

Made with a selection of leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo, these Habanos exhibit a beautiful band designed for the occasion.

VegaRobainacase2003This case shows a wooden-carved Robaina cigar band on its cover. A true masterpiece for cigar lovers.

The Vegas Robaina Case will be available exclusively in “La Casa del Habano” international network in next weeks.

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