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EMPOR S.A., the Exclusive Distributor of Habanos, S.A. in Portugal, revealed in July 2020, the name of the first space in Portugal to be classified as Habanos Terrace.

The Hotel VILA VITA Parc in Algarve, has achieved this certification and becomes the first Habanos Terrace in Portugal.

With a spacious terrace and a spectacular view of its wonderful garden, in its Oasis Bar and Terrace, Vila Vita Parc welcomes its visitors with Portuguese hospitality and a premium service from the staff responsible for the sale of the Habanos, clearly oriented towards the customer satisfaction.

The Hotel Vila Vita Parc, in addition to a wide range of premium drinks, has an assortment of the most demanded Habanos´ brands portfolio, always kept in excellent conditions of humidity and temperature.

The Habanos Terrace concept is oriented towards a selection of restaurants and hotels of high quality and prestige, with an exterior terrace and that bring together the best conditions for the conservation, sale and enjoy of Habanos, as well as a high quality of service in terms of the offer of premium drinks that may harmonize with a Habano.

Entering the Habanos Terrace network means being part of a family of more than 350 specialized establishments worldwide. Habanos, S.A. recognizes all Habanos Terrace on its website, placing the location and logo of these certified establishments.

Habanos Terrace certification is awarded annually. The establishment is subject to a continuous assessment and may be subject to loss of Habanos Terrace status. The assessment is carried out by EMPOR S.A., which has the responsibility of supervising the different establishments and verifying that they are in compliance with the quality and differentiation standards stated by the program requirements.


Rua Anneliese Pohl, Alporchinhos
P-8400-450 Porches
Algarve / Portugal

Telephone: + 351 282 310-100
Fax: + 351 282 320-333


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For more information contact Empor S.A. at + 351 21 361 6900 or

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