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Ibérico Ham at VI Habano Festival

jamonibericoCamilo José Cela, Spain’s winner of the Nobel prize for literature and devoted fan of this exquisite product, described ibérico ham as “A morsel to be savoured by the fortunate.

All those who enjoy gourmet cuisine with a passion would most centainly agree, since ibérico ham is undoubtedly one of the finest delicacies known to man.

Ibérico ham is like no other, its shape is slender and elongated, the meat is delicate and fragrant with a shiny appearance ranging from pink to purply-red in colour. It is subtly veined with fat, giving it a marbled effect as well as providing this succulent meat with a really smooth texture. This fat, one of the great secrets of ibérico ham, is highly aromatic and so fluid that it simply melts in the mouth, filling the palate with a unique, intense and long-lasting flavour full of subtle nuances.

Real Ibérico is the Consortium where the most emblematic ibérico ham producers of Spain have joined together to make this unique product internationally known. In addition, Real Ibérico supervises the entire process of elaboration, including the selection of the iberian pigs from birth. Only ibérico hams that have undergone the rigorous quality controls of the Consortium can wear the “Real Ibérico” seal of quality.

Thanks to Corporación Habanos, Real Ibérico is now able to share the ibérico ham experience with participants in the VI International Habano Festival, which has included in its Program the Seminar-Tasting: “Ibérico ham, the respect for tradition”, to be held on Thursday, February 26th.

Ibérico Ham at VI Habano Festival


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