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New Cuban cigar export regulations

Cuban Customs approved last July a new regulation aimed at regulating the cigars leaving the Island carried by travelers.

According to the new regulation, every single traveler can carry without trade purposes up to 20 units of loose cigars without papers, invoice or other requirements. This new provision, dated July 10 and 90 days set for its entry into force, replacing another 2007 regulation that allowed carrying up to 50 cigars in boxes, singly or in harness, without any invoice or other requirements.

Now travelers can carry those loose 20 units or without invoice plus up to 50 cigars that must be contained in the original boxes, closed and sealed with the official warranty seal newly established, requirements without which the export is not allowed.

This new regulation will take into effect in October 10th, 2009.

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Resolución 323-2009

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New Cuban cigar export regulations


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