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H. Upmann Half Corona in the new metal case of 5 units

H. Upmann Half Corona in the new metal case of 5 units will start to be available in all markets worldwide in the coming weeks.

After the presentation of the H.Upmann Half Corona in 25 units Labelled Box in 2011 which was of great acceptance among Habanos* smokers, the new Half Corona presentation in metal case of 5 units will be available around the world soon.


Herman Upmann was a German banker whose passion for the Habanos took him to establish himself in Havana in 1840. He founded a bank and a Factory of Habanos in 1844. The bank closed, but his cigar brand persists in our days, and it is considered a reference within the most refined Habanos* with its light to medium flavor.

The blend of the brand is made with leaves from the zone of [tippy title="Vuelta Abajo"]The finest tobacco-growing land in the world, Vuelta Abajo is the main source of tobacco for Habanos, and the only zone that grows all types of leaf: wrappers, fillers and binders. A Protected Denomination of Origin.[/tippy] in Pinar del Rio*, Cuba*. All H.Upmann Habanos* are made Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga -Totally by hand with long filler”. The excellent quality and long history flaunted by the brand is shown in the gold medals that adorn the box, obtained in no less than eleven international fairs during the 19th century and which constitute a characteristic element of this brand. Those medals can be seen in the front part of this tiny Half Corona metal case.

In the following weeks the H.Upmann Half Corona (44 ring gauge x 90mm in length) in metal case of 5 will start to be available in the best shops worldwide. Half Corona offers the possibility to enjoy a Habano in any circumstance, with a format than can be smoked in less than 20 minutes.


Through this attractive presentation, H. Upmann recovers the historical tradition of Habanos to produce metal cases. This Half Corona case can easily be transported and protects your Half Coronas properly.

H.Upmann Half Corona is an invitation to a short smoke of a pleasant blend and it is ideal for those who initiate themselves in the extraordinary world of the Habano.


The H. Upmann Half Corona in presentation of 5 units will start to be available in all markets around the world in the coming weeks.

Brand H. Upmann
Commercial name Half Corona
Factory name Half Corona
Measure 44 ring gauge (17.46 mm) x 90 mm in length
Presentations Metal Case – 5 units
* (D.O.P) Denominaciones de Origen Protegidas. Protected Denominations of Origin.


H. Upmann Half Corona in the new metal case of 5 units


Habanos are made
completely by hand

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