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New Habanos and whiskey pairing

club_bayamanacoOn November 19th, was carried out a new pairing up Habanos and Whiskey in the Club Bayamanaco (well-known as Balcony of Habano) in the Presidente Hotel. This activity counted with the participation of executives of Habanos, S.A., specialists from the [tippy title="Instituto de Investigaciones del Tabaco"]The Tobacco Research Institute, which controls the seeds used by the farmers and conducts research to improve seed strains by using natural methods of crossing and selection. Part of the Regulatory Council for D.O.P. Habanos.[/tippy] and outstanding personalities from the catering sector.

Mr. Calderón, president of Club and maitre of President Hotel, Mr. Cesar Adames, outstanding writer and Brazilian editor specialized in Habanos cigars and Jorge L. Fernández Maique, Habanos S.A. Vice-President invited to all participants to find out the wealth and harmony of these combinations.

However, the real celebreties were: , and , accompanied by the Tennessee whisky’s brands: Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniels Old No 7 and Single Barrel.


After a lot of hours of testing and marriages,  with Gentleman Jack and with Single Barrel were worthy of praises, because of the harmony and coherence of combinations.

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New Habanos and whiskey pairing


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