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Humidors Auction 7th Habanos Festival

Lot No 1
Humidor X Anniversary of the Habano Man of the Year award

lote1VIIFThis work of art was conceived exclusively to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the institution of the Habano Man of the Year award. It is made of silver, copper, steel and granite reaching two meters height. Its futurist concept asserts in this way that both the future of the Habano and the durableness of the Habano Man of the Year trophy will because in the coming times. This majestic sculpture intends to highlight the Habano as a jewel between your hands. It is mounted over a cedar and mahogany humidor silver decorated, enough for 150 cigars.

This Humidor will be auctioned along with a selection of vitolas pertaining to the most prestigious Habanos brands.

The Humidor contains 150 cigars, namely: 25 Cohiba Siglo VI, 25 H Upmann No 2, 25 Partagas de Partagas No. 1, 25 Romeo y Julieta Churchills, 25 Montecristo Especial, and 25 Trinidad Robusto Especial, the latter being specially made for this cabinet.

Donated and made by Cuban artist Raul Valladares, creator of the Habano man of the Year trophy. Among the awards this artist has received, we have the appointment as the best sculptor during the year 2003 granted by the BT Design Art Gallery magazine, one of the most prestigious art specialized magazine in the world.

Lot No 2
lote2VIIFHumidor 130th Anniversary of Romeo and Julieta brand

Romeo and Julieta, one of the most prestigious Habanos brands, celebrates its 130th anniversary on the occasion of the VII Habano Festival.

The name of Romeo and Julieta as a Habano brand was created in 1875, and has its origin in the literary tragedy of the same name of the British writer William Shakespeare. It is a brand that was mainly created to make dream the smokers of all over the world. The brand reached international renown early the nineteenth century. Among the Habanos brands, Romeo and Julieta offers one of the most large range of vitolas, all of them totally hand made. Its balanced and aromatic blend results from the painstaking selection of the tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo region, the best tobacco zone in Cuba. Romeo and Julieta is a medium bodied classical Habano.

Humidor painted by the Cuban paintress Zaida del Rio

Characteristics of this work of art

The magnitude of this Humidor is exposed in the unequalled beauty of the work of art of Zaida del Rio, one of the noted Cuban painters of the XX century, inspired by the history play and of the Habanos brand that celebrates its 130th anniversary.

Of unquestionable beauty, as all her works, this cabinet humidor is something else. It is an elegant and unique piece of furniture with cultural values recognized al/ over the world.

This Humidor contains 130 cigars from Romeo and Julieta brand, namely: 30 Churchills, 25 Exhibición No 4,25 Hermosos No 2,25 Exhibición No 2, and 25 Fabulosos No 6, the last three being special vitolas which are not found within the range of vitolas of the brand.

Data of the authoress

Zaida del Rio is a key exponent in The Cuba n culture and particularly in the world of the Fine Arts in the country. Her works have be en recognized worldwide and characterized by their loyalty to the best values of the Cuban identity.

Besides being a painter, she is also a designer, sculptress, and writer. She is graduated from the Academy of Arts of Havana City. With a long career since 1976, her norks has been exhibited many times in Cuba and abroad. Her works have been admired by specialists and lovers of the International Fine Arts in exhibitions and galleries in Mexico, Spain, France, Japan, and others.

She has been awarded in different con tests, Fairs and Art biennials, among them, the first prize in painting of Cairo biennial, The Tienry biennial in Japan, and the lithographic prize in the 11 Meeting of Engraving of Cuba. Some of her works are exposed in the Tocororo restaurant in Milan, Italy, and in the Triada, headquarters of the Financial lnternational Bank. She has made decorations for some institutions as for instance the State University of California (Palabras Nuevas) Many of her works are part of particular collections in the world.

Lot No 3
Humidor-Cabinet 160th Anniversary of Partagas brand

lote3VIFPartagas brand is one of the Habanos most recognized brands. This year the brand celebrates its 160th anniversary.

Partagas is undoubtedly a brand of a great development due to its history, qua lit y, fame and acknowledgment worldwide. Its factory becomes an obligatory place for all the foreign visitors arriving in Cuba. It is a Habano of reference for those who prefer heavy-bodied cigars.

Characteristic of the work of art

This humidor cabinet that was created by the noted sculptor and silversmith Pepe Rafart, is a unique work that denotes also a refined technique and a very personal style, originality, exquisiteness and a high aesthetic sense. Summarizing, a rigorous silversmith’s work made by an authentic artist of the Fine Arts.

This work of art made of precious woods (elm-tree root) integrates the silver and the semi-precious stones (green opal/) where the carving and distribution of the used material is perfect, i. e each element, each stone occupies its place in the work, nothing is missing or exceeding, everything has the right dimension.

Besides protecting as jewels the Partagas cigars I especial/y made to celebrate the 160th anniversary of this famous brand, the humidor possesses the charm of the unrepeatable due to the intrinsic beauty of the sculptural shapes of each one of the pieces, made by the hands of an artist who defines in his sculptural design how a work of art can harmoniously be integrated to the who/e by contributing with the necessary detail for its most exact impact The Humidor is designed to keep between 75 to 80 cigars and its measures are: 37.5 x 24x 18 cms.

This Humidor contains 75 cigars of the brand, the new vitola Partagas Serie P No 2.

Author Data

Jose Rafael Rafart Perez, painter, sculptor, and Cuba n silversmith -1946.

He graduated in 1969 at the academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”. After this year, he devoted his time to gold and silver works and metal sculptures. Since his first personal exposition in 1962 at the Lyceum, his outstanding career is guaranteed by numerous personal and collective exhibitions carried out in Cuba and abroad, the most recent being the eight Biennial of Havana that locates him as one of the most noted in the history of Cuban sculpture and silversmith. He has been acknowledged for his labor as a professor of ceramics, sculpture and silversmith. He has conducted seminars and workshops on the art of sculpture and silversmith in different countries.

He has been awarded with numerous prizes and national and international acknowledgements such as: Silversmith Prize in Erfurt Applied Arts Cuatrennial in 1986; First Prize “Kiosko de Plata” in the fourth contest of silversmith in Taxco, Mexico; (1992), first and special prize in Sculpture in the X International Contest of silversmith in Taxco, México; (1998) etc.

He has also been awarded with the distinction far the J National Culture (1988) and “Alejo Carpentier” (1 medal of the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba. (1999).

In 1996, Pope Juan Pablo 11 received from the hands of Cuban president, Commander Fidel Castro, his work titled “Nautilus Ir. Other relevant world personalities have in their private collections works of this artist, among them: the presidents of China Jiang Zenming (2001) and Hu Jintao (2004); the family of Mexican President Mr. Echevarría etc.

Some of his works have been sold in auctions carried out by the noted auction houses of Sotheby’s and Christie’s. His works are exposed in important public collections such as the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba; museums of the office of the historian of the city, the museum of the Vatican city, and private collections from countries such as: Argentine, Germany, Spain, United States, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Mexico, Panama, Poland, Puerto Rico, Italy, England, Switzerland, etc.

His works can be seen in cultural and social institutions as in the Paula’s Church along with other renowned artists, as well as in the San Francisco de Asís convent, and in the Miramar Trade Center where he has two big copper murals.

He is a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists from Cuba (UNEAC); of the International Association of artists of the Fine Arts (AIAP) and of the Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists (ACAA).

Lot No 4
Picture of Compay Segundo and Humidor “70th Anniversary of the Montecristo brand”

lote4VIIFCUADROAbout a century after the” Count of Montecristo” was published, Menéndez created and registered in Cuba a brand of Habanos with the name of the principal character of the novel. With the passing of the time, and thanks to its unequalled aroma, flavor, and strength, and with a very characteristic image, the Montecristos have almost surpassed the fame of this novel.

Montecristo is one of the most famous and best sold brands in the world. To say Montecristo is to say the Habano per excellence. The unmistakable light yellow tone of the boxes, the crossed swords logo, and the sobriety of the cigar rings constitute an integrated who/e that the smokers of the best Habanos are able to identify and appreciate.

Characteristics of the work of art

Picture: Compay Segundo

Technique: Oil-painting with inlays of natural tobacco leaves over hand made cardboard made of vegetal fibers.

The inlayed tobacco leaves are processed with slimes and other chemical compounds that al/ow the conservation, plasticity and pigmentation of these leaves.

Measures: 45 x 58,5 cms
Inspired in the original photograph Puldón Villareal

Milton Bernal Castro
1960, Guanabacoa. Havana. Cuba

A journalist and master in social communications sciences. A member of the Centre for the Development of Visual Arts, of the National Association of Publicists and Propagandists of Cuba; of the International Association of artists of the Fine Arts from Barcelona, Spain, and member of the Office of registry and protection of the author’s rights.

He has taken part in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba, France, Spain, and Switzerland during the period 199/2005.

In the year 2004 his work was transmitted in documentary format by the CNN in English and Spanish. His work has been used to illustrate the pages of the international magazines Estanco and Epicur.


2001. Third prize in the Fine Arts Hall exhibition carried out on the occasion of the 1st Yoruba International Workshop, on July 18th 2001.

2001. Prize in the international collective exhibition of the Fine Arts Hall Concha Ferrán, Festival of African Roots, in Guanabacoa.

2002. First prize Figura Humana (Human Figure) in the XI International. Hall of the Fine Arts ACEA, Barcelona, Spain.

Humidor 70th Anniversary of the Montecristo brand.

A work of exclusive, elegant, and balanced design that stands out the volumetric shape of the triangle of the brand in the whole piece. The hallmark of the brand is recreated in the lid and front side of the cabinet that is integrated with the logo of the 70th anniversary.

Made of precious woods (cedar, mahogany, among others) high quality ironworks and natural mat finishing, it rescues the time tradition and expresses through a detailed handmade work ornamental elements that contrast to each other, while communicate the classic elegance that distinguishes the image of Montecristo in a unique piece of high value for collectors.

With a size of 85 cms high, 58 cms wide and 52 cms depth, this humidor is composed by 5 compartments, two of them for loose cigars, one with enough space for 10 drawers and two trays for humidifiers. It contains 170 cigars, namely: 75 Montecristo Edmundos, 10 Montecristos A, 10 Montecristos D, and 75 Montecristos C, the last two vitolas being specialties which are not found in the range of sizes of the brand.

This humidor was created by the writer and artisan J L Milan Dominguez who, since 19951 has developed r I important projects, events and investigations related with the cigar culture. His works have been exposed in 12 international Fairs and are part of valuable collections. He is a current collaborator of Habanos S.A for developing new products as special series.

He integrates the group of artisans DECUBAI that produces the collection humidors namely: Montecristo Compay Segundo 95, Vegas Robaina 83, the Habanos collection of Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey, Romeo y Julieta brands as well as humidors and cabinets Montecristo and Vegas Robaina made under license of Habanos S.A corporation. He is the author of the book Alejandro

Robaina, Tradition and Magnanimity, as a biographer of this famous tobacco grower.

Lot No 5
Humidor 165 Anniversary of Punch brand.

lote5VIIFcerradoThe Punch brand is one of the oldest Cuba n brands of Habanos. According to different historians¡ this brand was created by Don Manuel Lopez¡ who was the owner of} Valle & Cia cigar factory. The brand appealed to the British market.

The buffoon appearing in the brand trimmings was inspired in Mr. Punch¡ a character very well known in the United Kingdom for its popularity in a fashioned humorous magazine of the XIX century.

From its beginnings¡ Punch is a very well accepted brand among smokers for the unquestionable quality of the cigars and beauty of the packing¡ and was always very popular in the British market. That is the reason why Mr. Winston Churchill never failed to visit the factory which was located at Monte y Zulueta streets in Old Havana

Characteristics of the work of art

An elegant and unique piece of furniture with wooden and glass doors with a band or stripe on the edge that traces the contour of the door and legs at Bombe style.

The reproduction of the hallmark of the brand appears in silver in the front side of the furniture, specifically in the lower side of the wooden box. The lithographic seal identifying the brand appears in the sides of the humidor. This seal is inside an oval with two ribbons where the data of the brand anniversary as well as the year of its establishment are respectively engraved. Bronze and silver have been used for its manufacturing.

Taking into account that Mr. Punch is the character that identifies this brand, a piece has been added representing the humour, the suggesting malice, as stealing a bundle of cigars protected in the humidor, everything made of silver. The furniture ends in two corners like columns and with dog heads, making reference to the dog that appears with Mr. Punch in the seal.

This work of art contains 265 Habanos of this brand namely: 80 Double Coronas, 55 Churchills, 40 Punch Punch, 60 Super Selection No 1, 30 Diademas Extra No 2. This last vitola has been exclusively made for this cabinet.

Wood: Cedar and Mahogany
Metals: Bronze and Silver
Crystal: Transparent, 4 mm thickness Color: Natural

Height: 80 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Length: 55 cm
Largo: 55 cm.

Author Data

José Ernesto Aguilera Reina. A Cuban self taught artisan, designer and silversmith. His long experience has been awarded in different Fairs as well as in personal and collective personal exhibitions both in Cuba and abroad.

His works are exposed in different halls, libraries, restaurants and murals in hotels in Havana. In 1995 he was awarded by the Ministry of Construction of Cuba with the distinction “Master of Office”.

Since 1994 his works are commercialized in different art galleries with two important exportations of humidors to France, Italy, United States, Russia, Germany and Mexico.

Lot No 6
Cohiba Humidor

lote6VIIFcerradoIn 1966 the Cohiba brand surprised the world of the good smokers. Its name became quickly famous. Certainly, the first brand of Habanos resumes histories full of mystery, dedication and pleasure. Therefore, when we speak about Cohiba, we speak about the best Habano in the world. Thus, it is not strange that simply for its aroma, people can easily identify a Cohiba cigar.

Cohiba means exclusivity, luxury, the best in the world of the best. The leaves that are exclusively used for the manufacturing of its excellent vitolas, are the “selection of the selection” of the five “vegas de primera” from the areas of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis, in Vuelta Abajo region. Cohiba is the only brand of Habanos in which two of its three types of leaves used for its manufacturing, i.e. Seco and Ligero, undergo a third fermentation in barrels. The final result of such a special and painstaking process is a Habano of unmistakable aroma and flavor that delights the most exquisite and exacting tastes. Summarizing, the Cohiba is the cigar that everyone wants to smoke.

This work of art is made up by two humidors enough for two hundred cigars as a whole. It measures 1.40 m x 0.50 m and made of metals and precious woods such as gold, silver, bronze, mahogany, cedar and Carrara marble.

This humidor is a sculpture in its whole where the artist represents the majesty of the tobacco plant and transporting his imagination to the important of the Cuban cigars with the elegant and excellence that characterize them. This work has something singular that is the attempt of the artist to form the nerves of the tobacco leaf by using the Cohiba seal, thus achieving a union between the tobacco leaf and the finished product.

The upper humidor contains two hundred cigars with the following vitolas: 20 Siglo VI; 20 Pirámides; 20 Double Coronas; 20 Sublimes and 20 Cohiba Robustos Especiales. The cabinet Hill contains tour special vitolas which are not within the current range of vitolas of the brand. The last vitolas has been exclusively manufactured for this cabinet.

The humidor serving as a base, contains 100 Lanceros in an exclusive way, as a distinctive vitola of the brand.

Raul Valladares was born in Havana City in 1960. A self-taught artist, he has participated in 8 personal exhibitions and 60 collective exhibitions in Cuba and abroad. His Works are part of the private collections of the great personalities in the world such as the famous movie director Steven Spielberg and His Majesty the King of Spain.

Humidors Auction 7th Habanos Festival


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