2003 Oct , 7

Three new sizes in Trinidad brand

Habanos S.A will launch three new formats that will accompany the Fundadores size in the success of this brand. Likewise, and as a symbol of great acceptance, it is presented with a new image more appropriate to its extraordinary quality.

The new 3 formats and names are:

Trinidad Robusto Extra
Reyes (ring gauge 40, length 110 mm.)

Coloniales (ring gauge 44, length 132 mm.)

Robusto Extra (ring gauge 50, length 155 mm.)

The complete range of sizes will be presented in the market in varnished wooden boxes of 12 and 24 units. Reyes and Coloniales will be available in 5-unit carton packs and Robusto Extra in 3-unit carton packs.

The Fundadores size (40 ring gauge, 192 mm in the length) remains in the range of sizes of the brand, but now in varnished wooden boxes of 12 and 24 units and 5-unit carton packs. The complete range of sizes respects the traditional blend of the brand.

The presentation of these new formats and image will take place in London and will be organized by Habanos S.A official distributor for English market (Hunter and Frankau) on November 10, 2003.

After this presentation, these formats will be distributed gradually to the rest of the world during the first quarter of 2004.

Three new sizes in Trinidad brand


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