Second edition of the Montecristo Cup held in Varadero Golf Club

2010 May , 3

Second edition of the Montecristo Cup held in Varadero Golf Club, with players from 9 countries, including the presence of Alvaro Quirós.


The Second Edition of the Montecristo Golf Cup was held in Varadero Golf Club, Cuba.

After the first Edition that was honoured with the presence of South African Ernie Els, one of the best players in the world, the second Edition counted on this occasion with golf player Alvaro Quirós from Spain, one of the most outstanding players in the PGA’s European Circuit.


Quirós gave a clinic to all attendants after the press conference held in the morning.

There were 72 players , amateurs as well as professionals, coming from at least 9 countries: Germany, Canada, France, Spain, United States, Japan, Monaco, United Kingdom and Cuba.

Including the presence of 3 times senior Canadian champion Graham Cooke.

Organized by Palmares S.A., the institution in charge of golf in Cuba along with The Esencia Group, that participated this year again to make of the tournament a big success.


The prize giving ceremony held in the Varadero Golf Club, gave the first prize of the Montecristo Cup to young Cuban player David Villafañe.


The event was covered by national press as well as by important agencies and networks, amongst those Reuters, APTN and EFE.

Third Montecristo Cup will be held from 14 to 16th April 2011 in Varadero.

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