Habanosommelier contest in Spain

2011 Feb , 4

Once again, a woman is the winner of the competition in Spain.

The winner of the Habanosommelier Contest is María Teresa Tapia from Valencia, who will represent Spain during the international competition to be held at the 13th edition of the Habanos Festival next February, 2011.


For the second time a female sommelier will be representing Spain in the international competition to be held in Havana during the 13th edition of the Habanos Festival.

Maria Teresa is the sommelier of restaurant La Cuina de Boro in the city of Valencia and proved to be the best competitor of the contest.

The Jury unanimously chose the winner based on her skills and knowledge shown both in the theoretical test and practice. The combination presented in the preliminary phase consisted of the Habano Partagás Serie P No 2 harmoniously combined with 13th edition of the Habanos Festival.

The members of Club Pasión Habanos and Altadis wish the best of luck to María Teresa Tapia in the competition.


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