2010 Jun , 28

Habanos’s Night in Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada, June 11, 2010. The Cuba Ambassador to Canada hosted a cigar dinner today in the garden of her residence. This event was supported by Havana House Tobacco Merchants and La Casa del Habano de Montreal

Diplomats, senators, parliament members, officials of the Canadian Government, businessmen and Cuba’s friends attended to that feast. 


Mr. Arnaldo Alfonso, Master cigar, demonstrated his skills rolling the famous Cuban cigars. Attendees tastedcohiba-lanceros and montecristono4 and enjoyed the best of the Cuban cuisine.


 The Cuban Ambassador, Mrs. Teresita Vicente Sotolongo thanked the attendance and support received from Havana House Tobacco Merchants and its staff: Mr. Jose Lugo, President of Havana House; Mr. Luis Gutierrez, Commercial & Marketing Manager; and Mr. Marc Melanson, Manager of La Casa del Habano de Montreal.

Mr. Humberto Fernandez, a virtuous Cuban musician; and Mr. Vic Vogel, a famous Canadian composer, played some well-known Cuban songs. Cuban artists Mr. Israel González, Mr. Yoel Finalet and Mr. Julio A. Alarcón exposed their paintings as well.

Habanos’s Night in Ottawa


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