2009 Jul , 11

New Montecristo Open line

Montecristo_Open_VisualInternationally presented at this year’s Habanos Festival, Montecristo OPEN now is hitting the markets around the globe.

Four new sizes being added up to offer a pleasant smoke with all the Montecristo flavour to be enjoyed alfresco.

OPEN is the first line born in Montecristo, the best-known brand of Habanos throughout the world. Its blend, made up with selected leaves coming from the finest Vegas in the [tippy title="Vuelta Abajo"]The finest tobacco-growing land in the world, Vuelta Abajo is the main source of tobacco for Habanos, and the only zone that grows all types of leaf: wrappers, fillers and binders. A Protected Denomination of Origin.[/tippy] region – the best tobacco land in the world- carry all the essence of the distinctive flavour of Montecristo in its new 4 vitolas. Eagle, Regata, Master and Junior are made to meet all Montecristo lovers’ needs as well as to welcome the new generations who enjoy the pleasures of living al fresco.


Therefore, OPEN widens the choice inside the Montecristo brand. Eagle is the biggest cigar of this new OPEN line in length and in ring gauge. It is made for those smokers who have more time to devote to their Habano, in the quest for a complete pleasure. The factory name is “Geniales”. (Ring Gauge 54 and150 mm long).

Regata is a “figurado “. It closely follows behind the tradition of Montecristo Nº2 in a thinner smoke. The factory name is “Forum”. (Ring Gauge 46 and 135 mm in the length).

Amongst the OPEN arrivals is, at last, the inclusion of a “Robusto” that has been an eagerly awaited arrival in the Montecristo range. The commercial name is Master (Ring Gauge 50 and 124 mm long).

And last but not least we have Junior, falling in line with current life trends – perfect for smoking in shorter spaces of time, taking into account the smokers profile evolution as well as smoking restrictions in some areas. The factory name is “Trabucos”. (Ring Gauge 38 and 110 mm in the length).

Montecristo is the best-known Habanos brand throughout de world and one of the most appreciated. It forms the benchmark for many Habanos smokers against which other brands are judged. These 4 new Montecristo OPEN vitolas permit enjoying its distinctive taste that keeps capturing both connoisseurs and newcomers, ensuring new taste sensations provided by these innovative sizes.


New Montecristo Open line


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