New Romeo y Julieta productsNuevas Presentaciones Romeo y JulietaNuevas Presentaciones Romeo y JulietaNuevas Presentaciones Romeo y JulietaNuevas Presentaciones Romeo y JulietaNuevas Presentaciones Romeo y Julieta

2003 Jul , 16

presentacionesromeoThese days, two new Romeo y Julieta products are being presented in different places around the world.

This famous brand takes its name from William Shakespeare’s well-known tragedy, and since 1875 has been praised for the quality of its extensive range of sizes.

Romeo y Julieta, prepared with leaves from Vegas Finas de Primera from the region of Vuelta Abajo in Cuba, offers a balanced and aromatic blend that makes it the classic medium-flavored Habano.

Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas Pack

Presented in 5-unit packs, it adds as a novelty the new design of the Romeo y Julieta brand. This size, the Petit Corona (42 ring gauge and 129 mm in the length) is highly appreciated by smokers, and with this new presentation enthusiasts will enjoy it much more easily anywhere at anytime.

The 3 Romeos box

The aromatic flavour of Romeo y Julieta in a selection of three sizes presented in their corresponding aluminium tubes, each one for a different moment and a different time availability.

  • Romeo No. 1
    40 ring gauge x 140 mm in the length Almost 40 minutes to enjoy this size.
  • Romeo No. 2
    42 ring gauge x 129 mm in the length Provides some 30 minutes of enjoyment.
  • Romeo No. 3
    40 ring gauge x 117 mm in the length In hardly 20 minutes one may enjoy this small-size Habano.

Presented in Romeo y Julieta’s classic labelled cigar box, it is an original form of introducing this selection of 3 sizes of the prestigious Habanos brand.

These products, which will soon be available in all stores, will undoubtedly delight the enthusiasts of Habanos.

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