2011 May , 20

First Meeting of Habanos Specialists in Basel, Switzerland


The First Meeting of Habanos Specialists was held on October 20-22, 2011, organized by Intertabak, A.G., Exclusive Habanos Distributor in Switzerland. The event took place in the Triago Gebäude Trade Center, in Basel, with a large attendance of interested persons from Geneva, Zurich, Montreux and Basel. The participants in the meeting, together with the specialists from Intertabak, Exclusive Distributor in the area, attended the Junior and Senior courses of the Habanos Academy, both conducted by the Habanos, S.A. specialist in charge of training.

Also present during the event was Eduardo González, the experienced Cuban cigar roller, who with his mastery in the art of making a Habano, helped in the practical tasks included in the Habanos Academy’s courses. Once the event was over, the participants could enjoy tasting a unique format especially created for the occasion Cohiba 1966, one of the Ediciones Limitadas of 2011.


This meeting was the starting point for the development of the new concept Habanos Specialist in Switzerland.



First Meeting of Habanos Specialists in Basel, Switzerland


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